Tell me What are important to you


What are important to you in your life? This is a tricky question to properly answer. However, to myself, I believe it’s good to question myself always to remind me what are really important to me and to retain that enthusiasm to life and try to be better enjoy the life.


  1. To achieve something challenging is always about my life. Without challenge, I feel bloom and gloom; I will be not myself.
  2. Full-stack developer is the first step of my career. I have to get ready before it truly happen.
  3. Perhaps to learn Japanese should also be considered in the near future.
  4. To continually write high-quality posts online is really important to improve self-understanding and also bring out influence online which is also quite essential for personal development.
  5. Keep learning all the time especially mentally and meantime physically.
  6. Always ready for being fired, try to prepare yourself for any critical accident.
  7. Improve your stackoverflow and github influence.
  8. Algorithm is always a basic tool to get exercised - topcoder, geeksforgeeks and leetcode.
  9. Good at at least one programming language - java for now should the choice.
  10. To stay silent sometimes can be the best choice.
  11. Perhaps it’s time to learn some frameworks to better the underlying design logics.

Always welcome new ideas and practical tricks, just leave them in the comments!