Some Gossips


  • Be helpful when it’s required; be thankful and selfless as to the contributions; be responsible to the team.
  • Estate is a good choice to investment.
  • Living a simple easy life to enrich the mind and body (delicacy is far more significant to me).
  • The significance of a nice sleep is never overestimated.
  • Depth or strength is more important than you might think (do your work in a elegant way and get it done gorgeously).
  • Chess is a really good way to interact and communicate with the family (try to introduce it).
  • Do ridiculous things with family and friends (enjoy the moment).
  • Nurture and cherish the friendship.
  • Accumulation and consecutive practice is the key to shock yourself (the only way to shorten the length is pay more each day).


  • Everyone has a background which you can refer to to judge the person but do not depend upon it, it’s just a starting/entry reference (do not be too naive).
  • If you do not like the surroundings, find out why (ask yourself harsh questions) and then try to get out and go to the ideal place.
  • If you do not know what’s bad (at least imagine it), how would you know what’s good?
  • Energy is limited (though it can be strengthened), use tools to help you out to save the energy for more challenging work.
  • Two sources to doing bad things: ignorance and evil.

How to solve it

There is a math book about solving a problem. Quite expensive but meaningful to mind.

  1. understand the question (known, unknown, conditions, situations, data, the requirements and all);
  2. find the relation;
  3. begin the plan (to solve it);
  4. check the results (compare to the question requirements).